STUDIO SET UP (One more time….)

Jeff asked me, after we’d spent a couple of hours rearranging my stuff once again, if I had any idea how many times we’d moved my stuff from area to area over the years. Well clearly it was a trick question, so I just said, “You love it.”

I now have my painting studio set up in my office, which doubled for many years as a sewing room. Now it doubles as a painting studio because I’ve lost interest in making textile art… for now anyway. (I thought about combining the two interests but that would necessitate another rearrangement- it’s a whole thing.)

Here’s the painting desk (which is a 50’s era sewing cabinet):

The painting on the desk is NOT finished.
Lots more canvases waiting to be used.
The desk has nice drawer space for paints and brushes.

What I enjoy about my small studio space is that it has some of the art I’ve done over the years.

I did this simple painting and made the frame too about 20 years ago.
I did this one about 15 years ago.
I did these about 8 years ago.
I made this quilt in 2007.

So that’s the very brief studio tour. I hope to get back to painting soon.

4 thoughts on “STUDIO SET UP (One more time….)

  1. Thanks Tony! That quilt is one of my all time favorites that I’ve made- I even hand dyed the fabric.
    Hope you’re recovering from your latest mammoth project- it looks really awesome!


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