Recently I set up a makeshift paint studio in the garage.

A small folding table with a box to support the canvas. Works great!

And I made my first painting here. (Not exactly my first painting- but usually I just paint color blocks and splatters.)

Cat and Butterfly  (Painting #1  16in x 20in June 2019)

Then today, Jeff and I worked on a few things for our Mega Mart booth.

Jeff working on his metal cabinet.
Finished front view.
And another view. Looks great Jeff!

I tackled a bookcase that I thought I would just need to paint…

I like purple but not on this bookcase.

But the bookcase turned into a bigger project than I thought….

Here it is mid sanding.

In my hundredth trip to the garage, Mertie got on the couch and gave me this look….

“When are you gonna be done?”

I did finish sanding and priming, but my bookcase project will have to be completed another day.

Now it’s white but not for long.

In the meantime, Jeff is working on his plants.

Go Jeff Go!

And Hazel says….

“Aren’t you done yet?”

So that’s the paint report from Pamo’s World!

Comments are open and we’d love to hear from you. (Except for Mertie and Hazel who are too tired.)


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